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Deputy Commander

MG Ryczkowski Class A 2

Major General Dariusz Ryczkowski

Major General Dariusz Ryczkowski assumed his role as Deputy Commander of the Joint Support and Enabling Command 1 June 2021.

Major General Ryczkowski commissioned in 1995 as a graduate of the Military University of Technology in Warszawa, where he earned Master of Science - Civil Engineering.

He has continued to improve his qualifications through academic courses and studies throughout his career. In 2001, he successfully completed Postgraduate studies, "Modernization and Repair of Military Airfields" and in 2017 he graduated from the War Studies University Warszawa in "Postgraduate Studies in Defense Policy", earning a diploma in Defense Studies. His professional military education includes the Operational and Tactical Course at the National Defense Academy, Warsaw, and the NATO Standardization Documents Course at the Military University of Technology, Warszawa.

Major General Ryczkowski dedicated 15 years of his military career to the Polish Air Forces where he served as an engineer and senior specialist. In 2010, he was appointed as the head of the military infrastructure division in the Armed Forces Support Inspectorate in Bydgoszcz.

In 2012, he was assigned as the Director of the Department of Infrastructure, Ministry of National Defense. He proved his management and diplomatic skills on the international stage as well, while responsible for planning and preparation of military infrastructure dedicated to US Forces and the common infrastructure of NATO.

Prior to joining JSEC, Major General Ryczkowski served as the Chief of the Polish Armed Forces Support Inspectorate in Bydgoszcz where he was responsible for building logistic support capabilities, including for NATO forces, and ensuring the effectiveness of financial execution related to the force's combat readiness area.

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