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Chief of Staff

Brigadier General Arco Solkesz


Born in Willemstad, Curacao on 30 August 1964

Partner, cohabiting

1984 Joined the Royal Netherlands Army and followed basic training for conscript officer. Subsequently, he was appointed Platoon Commander of 146 Labour Service Company in Ermelo

1985 Officer Training Course at the Royal Military Academy (KMA) in Breda

1989 Platoon Commander Class III of 112 Mixed Supply Position Company in Stroe

1990 Platoon Commander with 41 Supply Company in Seedorf

1993 Supply Platoon Commander with 41 Tank Battalion in Bergen-Hohne

1994 Head of the Supplies Office of 1 Division "7th December" in Apeldoorn

1995 Deployed to Bosnia as the Commander of the Supply Company in Lukovac and Šantići

1997 Staff Service Training Programme, subsequently appointed National Command Supply Staff Officer in Gouda

1998 Advanced Military Studies programme at the Netherlands Defence College in

1999 Head of the Planning Analysis Section, Central Directorate for Personnel and Organisation, The Hague

2001 Logistics Teacher, Netherlands Defence College, Rijswijk

2004 Personnel Policy Staff Officer, Principal Directorate of Personnel, The Hague

2006 Deployed to Afghanistan as Head of Section J5 Regional Command North in Mazar-e Sharif

2007 Commander of 200 Supply and Transport Battalion in Stroe

2009 Commander of the Logistics Training Centre in Soesterberg

2012 Commander of the Personnel Logistics Command in Utrecht

2016 Commander of the Defence Personnel and Organisation Division in Utrecht

2019 Chief of Staff  Joint Support Enabling Command in Ulm (GER)

Medals and Decorations

• Long Service Medal for Officers

• UNPROFOR Commemorative Medal

• UN Peace Operations Commemorative Medal ISAF Commemorative Medal

• NATO Operations Commemorative Medal

• Royal Netherlands Army Medal

• Nijmegen International Four Days' Marches medal

• Royal Netherlands Association of Reserve Officers (KVNRO) Cross of Merit (Two-day Military Performance Trial)

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