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 Oct 11 2021

Tag der Deutschen Einheit and the Seven Summits of Ulm, Germany

October 3, "Der Tag der Deutschen Einheit" commemorates the anniversary of the German Reunification. In 1990, the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) and the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) were formally declared as one. For the first time since 1945, only one single German state existed. The date is often mistaken as the day the Berlin Wall came down, which was November 9, 1989.

German Army Captain Jan Weber is the Social Media Manager of the Joint Support and Enabling Command. He is the author and editor of almost everything you see (and hopefully read) on the JSEC homepage and all its social media channels.

"Providing accurate information in a timely manner is critical to the functional and organisational credibility and trust with publics, internal audiences and media," says the NATO doctrine MC 0457/3. Being a One-Man-Show in JSEC's Public Affairs branch most of the time, producing content sometimes is quite challenging. In addition, the social media environment never sleeps.
Did you know Ulm is built on seven Hills, just like Rome?

The garrison of Ulm, home of the JSEC, is commonly known for its impressive church with the world's tallest steeple, a historic fortress stretching throughout the city area, its renowned university, a vivid city life and the Danube River. But secretly, it also shares a lot of common ground with the Capital of Italy: Like ancient Rome, Ulm is built on seven hills. Their names (English equivalent in brackets) might sound less impressive, but still have historical roots: Galgenberg (Gallow Hill), Kuhberg (Cow Hill), Roter Berg (Red Hill), Eselsberg (Donkey Hill), Kienlesberg (Grave Hill), Michelsberg (Great Hill) and Safranberg (Saffron Hill). Coincidentally, both cities have a river running through their center, and in German language "Rom" is a three-letter-word.

Although there are still many differences between the cities – Rome being 22 times as big as Ulm, having pleasant weather conditions all year long and an impressive ancient history – Ulm also is a beautiful place to live. Moreover, they sell delicious ice cream, too.


Story by Joint Support and Enabling Command

Downtown view from the top of the Michelsberg, one of the seven summits of Ulm. (JSEC picture by Officer Designate Tino Tiefenbacher, DEU AF)
The quality of the ice cream manufactured in Ulm is outstanding.
Captain Jan Weber, JSEC Social Media Manager, loves sports, travelling and good food quality. (private pictures)

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