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Nov 27 2020

Colonel Dritan Stroni

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Integrity - Courage - Generosity

That’s difficult to answer. I think it is related to how other people around you perceive or describe you. However, I have always believed in and been guided by these three qualities: integrity, courage and generosity. Integrity is a significant trait, as it allows others to trust in you, to learn from you and to respect you for what you are and what you do. I really believe that courage stands on the top of human characteristics, because it guarantees all others traits. Courage is the quality that leads us to achieving goals, not to ignoring them or to slipping past them. I strongly believe that generosity lets us put people first and be grateful for whatever we have and for every person that brings kindness into our life and our family.

What makes your home country special for you?

Language - Climatic Diversity - Landscape

According to linguistics and historians, the Albanian language is unique. It is considered to be one of the oldest languages in Europe. Despite belonging to the Indo-European family of languages, it has its own particularities, and does not resemble other languages at all. There are many philologists, linguistics and historians, that studied and elaborated the Albanian language for its unique specific and history, for example the German philologists Franz Bopp and Gustav Meyer, the Danish linguist Holger Pedersen, the Austrian Norbert Jokl, and many others.

Albania is a small country close to the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea. It is characterized by its landscape diversity and a broad variety of climate zones. While there is Mediterranean climate along the coast, it changes to continental climate in the heart of the country and even to alpine climate on the highest mountains. This climatic variety is exciting for everyone visiting Albania’s beautiful landscape, it is considered a national asset for tourism. There are many places where you can experience different climate zones in a very short distance. For example, descending from an altitude of 1000 meters to the amazing beaches and the deep blue sea of the Riviera coastline in southern Albania, just takes a three kilometers drive.

What is your impression of Ulm in three words?

Unique - City History - Monuments

The city of Ulm is unique, not only because its geographical position. There is a strong link to the city of Neu-Ulm, especially in social, urban, cultural and historical aspects. Despite being two independent cities in two different federal states, the social life and the interactions of their inhabitants keep Ulm and Neu-Ulm united. The Danube river in between divides them physically only. Living in Neu-Ulm with my family and working in Ulm makes my life special in this double city and I really like it.

The history of the city, development of urban area, engineering projects and the numerous monuments make Ulm very interesting. It is hard to point out something specific in this large ensemble of monuments, but one of the most fascinating engineering construction is the Ulm Minster, which it is the tallest church in the world, and the 5th tallest structure built before the 20th century.

How would you describe JSEC in three words?

New - Significant - Challenging

Nothing arises from nothing. The Alliance's need to enable and support the rapid movement of forces within its area of responsibility in order to increase the readiness and reduce the response time led to the establishment of a brand-new entity that is very significant for the new strategic environment. Like with any new entity, ‘’challenging’’ is the first word that comes to my mind and may tag the JSEC. The start is always difficult, as the role and responsibilities of this new structure have to be understood not only from within and by the staffs who work for it, but also from all other actors outside, which will contribute together to the success and fulfillment of JSEC responsibilities.

What makes JSEC special to you?

Multinational - New Experience - Challenge

It is not the first time for me working in a multinational environment. I have always enjoyed working on an international level because it is a great opportunity to meet new people and make new friends from different countries, learn about the culture, history, life and all the social aspects of their countries. Besides, it is a very good opportunity to exchange personal experience and further improve my professional knowledge and expertise.

Working for JSEC in this moment, while it is on its way ahead to being fully capable, I see it as a great personal challenge to contribute to the common goal of JSEC success. Furthermore, the particularity, complexity, role and expected contribution of the JSEC in fulfilling the Alliance's obligations make this entity even more special.

It’s great to work for and contribute to JSEC!

Story by Joint Support and Enabling Command Public Affairs Office

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