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Oct 15 2020

Colonel Jesus Peñas

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Experience - Commitment - Travel

I bring to my post in JSEC the experience of 38 years in the Spanish Army with a broad international background in the EU, NATO and missions in Afghanistan or Antarctica. Despite being very different in responsibilities from commanding an Air Defense Regiment in the Canary Islands, the level of commitment and enthusiasm here at JSEC has to be the same.

One of my favorite hobbies is to travel and discover new people and cultures; working in Ulm provides an excellent opportunity to learn about Germany and the people of Baden-Wurttemberg and Bavaria, as well as to meet persons from all over NATO.

What makes your home country special for you?

Welcoming - Diverse - Dynamic

Spain is very open and receives people from all over the world with a warm welcome. Many foreigners from all over Europe either live in Spain or spend their vacation there, and our country is considered a bridge between Europe and America. The situation with Covid19 is affecting us heavily as a country accustomed to millions of visits throughout the year.

A long and rich history makes Spain a country with a diverse and broad variety of regions and persons. This diversity can be experienced in gastronomy as well as in the different landscapes, either mountains, forests or beaches. This variety in the character of the people or in the cities and villages feels like a source of richness. Anyone that has ever been in Spain has experienced it as a vibrant and dynamic country, with a lot of ambience and full of energy, from early in the morning up to late at night.

What is your Impression of Ulm in three words?

Lively - Well-located - Friendly

My family and I like to stroll through the city and we are delighted to see the intense activity on the streets, especially on both banks of the Danube river. Taking a walk, watching the flow of the Danube and the abundant nature really is a wonderful experience. It is also great to explore the nice “Beergartens” that pop up everywhere in the summertime. Ulm is a superb location for discovering the Alps, the Lake Constance, the Black Forest or the “Romantische Strasse.” We found out that people around here are friendly, cordial and helpful with newcomers.

How would you describe JSEC in three words?

Pioneer - Flourish - Creative

To set up a headquarters from zero is a huge task that obliges its components to be very dynamic to be able to become a spearhead of NATO. JSEC is an organization that, after its birth one year ago, is developing quickly and is maturing and now starting to blossom and flourish. It will soon be grown-up and show its real essence and value. JSEC is an original entity and requires unique and ingenious ideas. To tackle new threats such as hybrid and cyber warfare, it has to be innovative and imaginative.

What makes JSEC special to you?

Initiative - Motivation - Enriching

It is a challenge to be in JSEC. To work in an organization that has to make up its doctrinal structure and procedures from the scratch requires having a lot of initiative and fresh out-of-the box ideas and proposals.

Participating in the creation of a multinational entity, gathering the experience and enthusiasm of personnel from very different backgrounds is very motivating. It gives a fresh thrust to all the activities in the HQ. Working in JSEC is a very interesting and enriching experience. The way this headquarters will look like in the next years will be mainly determined by how the foundations are set up.

JSEC is an exciting place to be at this moment!

Story by Joint Support and Enabling Command Public Affairs Office


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