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Aug 20 2020

Colonel Péter Faragó

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Committed - Optimistic - Cooperative

Basically, I am driven by commitment and positivity in every situation. I do believe that helped a lot to achieve the goals in my life. I always like to offer my devotion and positive attitude to create, develop and support people, progress and situation in all areas of life. That might also be the reason why I have chosen a career in the military and have started a big family with four beautiful children.

Besides, I identify myself as an open-minded team member who is always ready to cooperate to be more productive, successful or simply just make our life happier. 

What makes your home country special for you?

Ancient Roots - Sports Life - Great Food

It may be interesting to know that the Hungarian language is totally different to the dialects spoken by its neighbours and other European nations, which usually speak Indo-European languages. The reason is the Hungarians came into Europe from far East hundreds of years ago and brought their traditions with them. Since then we still bear the traditions of our ancestors.

Hungarians share a passion for any kind of sports. Literally, there are sport clubs in every village. In several specific disciplines, hungarian sportsmen are very successful, like watersports for instance. Doing sports also supports our social life and helps us connecting with other people quite easily, even with those who are just supporters and not active in sports themselves.

In addition, there are many natural facilities like thermal water spas spread all over Hungary, where people can make a wellness. That is also very popular.

Regarding the hungarian cuisine, everyone knows at least one typical dish: goulash. It is a very simple yet delicious food. Its main ingredients are definitely typical for the regional kitchen: onion, red peppers („paprika”) and any kind of meat. Paprika is the quintessence of almost any hungarian main dishes. However, there are many other dishes, soups or baked goods which I find very delicious. What is the most interesting ingredient which is also very polular in Hungary? Maybe poppy seeds, from which the best cakes are made.

What is your Impression of Ulm in three words?

Danube - Fortress - Prosperity

I realized from the very first moment when I came to Ulm that I feel just like home here. I had no clue why, but later I found many reasons. One of them is the river Danube flowing through here, which I could also see all the time when I was a kid in my homeland. The landscape, the riverbank here in Ulm is beautiful; the view is energizing and relaxing at once. I usually take every opportunity to take a walk in the “Fischerviertel”, the old town of Ulm that is a precious heritage here. Not to mention the most famous Christian church called “Ulmer Münster” in the center of the city.

As an officer who likes military traditions and memorials I also recognized that there are many fortresses in Ulm which really worth to be further explored. The “Wilhelmsburg Barracks”, where JSEC is located is only one of them, and I am happy to work in a legendary fortress every day. Ulm is a “military town” as we say in Hungary.

Beyond its ancient architecture and buildings, Ulm is a modern and developed town and home of many industrial and scientific representations. Since Albert Einstein was born here, Ulm is committed to support and encourage any kind of scientific research and development. I also like the way Ulm links to its twin-town Neu-Ulm. Despite being situated in two different federal states, both city parts complement each other very well and create a town-community worth living in.

How would you describe JSEC in three words?

Unique - Potential - Multinational

I am extremely thankful working at a NATO Headquarters, which is up to identify itself and create a brand-new capability within the alliance. This initial development phase is full of challenges because that capability has never existed before. Fortunately, the organization has a well-experienced and hard-working multinational leadership and staff. There are more and more multinational colleagues arriving to strengthen us and to contribute to our common efforts. I strongly believe that JSEC has an extended role of utmost importance within the future NATO.

What makes JSEC special to you?

Highspeed - Competency - Teamwork

One of the main advantages of JSEC is the high-level agility of the leadership and staff. Every single member of JSEC is committed to fulfill any upcoming task towards full operational capability.

I have hardly experienced more spirit and stamina of my comrades in my military career as I do here in Ulm.

As an efficient JSEC staff team we are going to build up a credible competence, which we need to succeed in our validation process and all future tasks. 

I am proud to be JSEC team member!

Story by Joint Support and Enabling Command Public Affairs Office

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