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May 15 2020

Lieutenant Colonel Trond Holte

55, Born in Skien, Norway

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Honest - Brave - Experienced

My civilian and military education and experience are built on several tasks with establishing or creating new structures and/or concept development. In that line of work, the three attributes that describe me are necessary to succeed. I like to participate in discussion and the decision making process. Honesty is one of my utmost values, and I’m honest in a constructive way, hopefully. From several positions in civilian and military work, I have gained comprehensive experience from different cultures, functional areas and communities. With this background, I hope to contribute to the establishment of JSEC in a constructive way.

What makes your home country special to you?

Democracy - Good Government - A spread of the common wealth/resources

Norway is a well functional and wealthy country, which has successfully united their way of exploiting the natural resources, creating social security at present and building it for future generations. The freedom of opinion and the way we like to shape our lives are also important factors. If you have ideas, or want to accomplish something, the culture can be a little bit difficult, but if you want it enough, you will succeed. 

We have a well-governed democracy and Norway is attractive as a business partner for other countries and international business.

Geographically situated on the northern flank, it is also important for NATO and allies that we keep Norway well governed and recognized as a stabile ally in the north.

What is your impression of Ulm in three words?

Exciting – Beautiful - Hospitable

Moving to Ulm (Neu-Ulm, to be exact) has been an undivided pleasure. The city has much to offer and is located close to airports; there are good railroad connections and a focus on cultural events. My wife and I feel very welcome; we have found new friendship and common ground with locals from the town and the area.

How would you describe JSEC in three words?

Important – Young - Potential

NATO’s decision about establishing JSEC is important in many ways. First, it acknowledges that hybrid and nonlinear warfare is here to stay. With NATOs 360 degree approach JSEC will fulfill an important role in areas NOT defined as an area of operation, but nevertheless important to NATO for enablement. Secondly, it sends a strategic message that NATO and partner countries take enablement and preparation seriously, and are following closely, and responding to international development.

Standing up an NATO HQ will take time. Shaping, developing and building an organization is sometimes painful and sometimes very fulfilling, hopefully most of the latter, so also for JSEC. We are a young, growing and determined organization with motivated personnel with potential to do a great job for NATO and Partners. JSEC is going to add value to NATO members and partners. 

What makes JSEC special to you?

A new NATO entity - International environment - Comprehensive approach

Being a part of NATO development and future is exciting. Working in an international environment makes you realize that there are more values, more cultures and more ways of doing your duty as a soldier. The complexity and comprehensiveness of JSEC, as we can see our future tasks at this point, is also special and interesting: 

We are building something no one has done before!

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