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Oct 28 2020

Major Can Ceylan

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Loyalty - Open Mindedness - Modesty

The most important value for me is loyalty. I am loyal to my nation, my family and to the principles of Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK, the founder of Turkish Republic. Additionally, I would like to be regarded as a dependable person both in my social and professional relationships.

I think I am an open-minded person who questions every philosophy, belief, idea and tries to see the grass on the other side. I like hearing ideas from everybody, have empathy, get over general assumptions and prejudices. I believe that nature and circumstances shape everyone and everything.

For me, being humble and living a modest life is the way to self-happiness. I have the notion that we do not really need much and a minimalist approach to life can lead to a better world. Since writing more about myself would be contrary to my claim of modesty, that is all I should say about me

What makes your home country special for you?

Bridge - History - Hospitality

The unique geographical location of Turkey forms a bridge between Europe and Asia. This bridge is not only geographical but also cultural for both, Oriental and European elements. Turkey extends this bridge even to NATO, becoming the first and the largest Muslim populated country in the alliance.

Although many people know Turkey for its beautiful beaches, its history actually is more interesting. Anatolia has been home for many civilizations and exhibits many historical heritages such as ancient cities, grand mosques, underground cities, cave churches etc. Did you know that Turkey has two of the seven ancient World Wonders and Santa Claus’ house is not in North Pole?

Hospitality is a cornerstone character trait in Turkey. If you knock the door of a stranger’s house by mistake, you cannot leave without drinking tea or Turkish coffee at least. Even on national level, Turkey has proved this right by hosting the highest number of refugees (3.6 million), according to UNHCR

What is your impression of Ulm in three words?

Friendly - Green - Pleasant

The first thing we realised after moving to Ulm was that the people are so friendly and helpful. Although I am from Mediterranean with beautiful hills with pine trees, we do not have as much green landscape as it is here. My wife and I like walking in the forest, enjoying its silence and the green landscape. If you are used to living in big cities, you find the surrounding of Ulm very peaceful yet full of opportunities. Ulm also hosts a large Turkish community and many Turkish shops, sometimes it just feels like at home.

How would you describe JSEC in three words?

Newborn - Europe - Potential

This new NATO Command has started to crawl; trying to walk but still has a long way to go before it can run. It is exciting to work at JSEC in this phase, because we have the opportunity to shape it the way we like. It is located in the heartland of Europe and due to its mission, continental Europe will be its playground. However, its output will effect a wide spectrum from Atlantic to Asia, Baltics to Africa. Compared to other commands, the way it will operate is unique. In this regard, JSEC offers great potential for partnerships with many different Nations and organisations.

What makes JSEC special to you?

Challenge - Location - Innovation

This is first my time working at an operational level joint NATO HQ which is young and has a unique mission. Thus, I see my deployment at JSEC as a new challenge and am very much looking forward to it. I believe the knowledge and experience I will receive here will be unique and beneficial. JSEC’s location in Ulm/Germany makes my life easier due to family relations. Schools for children are convenient; Ulm offers many opportunities. The deployment offers a great chance to improve my German as a third language. Lastly, working in Plans/Policy and shaping the conceptual framework of JSEC is very interesting. There is a lot of room for innovation, creativity and therefore personal development. As an army engineer officer, 

I am glad to be one of the pioneers of JSEC.

Story by Joint Support and Enabling Command Public Affairs Office

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