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Jul 6 2020

Major Richard W. Juten

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Family Man - Loyalty - Hard Work

I am a family man; always put my family first. I met my wife Stefanie during my first deployment in Germany 2007 to 2010. I was stationed in Grafenwöhr and in Schweinfurt, she’s “fränkisch”, from the Schweinfurt area. We have two beautiful daughters, Emma and Katelyn; I love them very much, and I love being a father and husband

Loyalty is also of great value for me. I am loyal to my family, I am loyal to my beliefs and I am loyal to the United States, the U.S. military and their goals. I believe in what we stand for.

My parents raised me that you can accomplish anything you want, if you work hard. The sky is the limit.

What makes your home country special to you?

Freedom - Opportunity - Diversity

Freedom, first of all. In the United States, you have the freedom to express your beliefs without persecution. We celebrate this freedom annually on July 4th! Secondly, one has the freedom to do activities such as hunting, boating, camping, and fishing with less restrictive bureaucracy than in other countries.

America is the land of opportunities. If you dream of something and then work towards that goal, you can make it come true.

It is also very diverse. Diverse in people, in beliefs, in culture, even in language, when you travel from state to state. I really like that aspect of the United States.

What is your impression of Ulm in three words?

Cultural Center - Delicious Food - Beautiful

My family and I live in Senden, a small town near Ulm. Ulm itself is a great cultural center, colorful and diverse. There are many different ethnic groups, many different kinds of delicious food. It is truly beautiful with the Donau River, especially the river walkway and the Fischer viertel. There also are many old historic buildings that are beautiful and impressive.

How would you describe JSEC in three words?

Relevant - Multi-National - Essential

Relevant, first of all. I think JSEC is going to be a vital part of deterrence in supporting any conflict that could occur. JSEC will streamline NATO’s efforts for sustainment and movement of reinforcement forces.

NATO organizations are inherently multinational. I am a multinational; there are many of us here in JSEC, and I think it adds to the strength of the organization.

I think JSEC’s role is essential, because too many wars in history have been lost by getting supply lines cut, by not having a good and coordinated flow of sustainment, flow of forces, and flow of equipment to the action. JSEC is the solution.

What makes JSEC special to you?

Great People - Unique Capability - Innovation

First, the great people working here really make JSEC special to me. It is a great staff, great commanders and leaders. Everybody is rowing hard towards a common goal, standing up a brand new Headquarters, ahead of concept.

JSEC is special because of its unique capabilities, as I mentioned before.

To work here, you need to think “outside-of-the-box”, be innovative. Cooperating in a multinational environment, contributing to the common goal of creating a new NATO Headquarters, with innovative structure, concepts and doctrine.

I am grateful for the opportunity to live in Ulm and work in JSEC. It is a wonderful experience!

Story by Joint Support and Enabling Command Public Affairs Office


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