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Jul 17 2023

"Being selected as the csel for jsec was not just a position - it was a privilege and an honour"

ULM, Germany. A year of growth and gratitude – On July 10, Joint Support and Enabling Command´s (JSEC) first Command Senior Enlisted Leader (CSEL), Warrant Officer 1 Henry Sanday, handed over his duties and responsibilities to his successor, Command Sergeant Major Torsten Steinberger.

Warrant Officer 1 Henry Sanday was JSEC´ s first Command Senior Enlisted Leader (CSEL) (OR-5 Jennifer Leuschner)

Warrant Officer Sanday looked back with gratitude on an eventful and instructive year: “Working in an environment that brings together military personnel and civilian experts from various NATO member states is an experience like no other. This year has been an enriching and transformative experience, for which I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the entire JSEC family.”

As a CSEL, a significant part of his role involved liaising between the enlisted personnel and the higher command. This allowed him to engage with and advocate for the men and women who are the backbone of JSECs military operations. “Their dedication, professionalism and sacrifices are the driving forces behind NATO´s success” Sanday pointed out. Subsequently, he expressed his sincere gratitude to JSEC's commander:

Sir serving under your command as JSEC CSEL has been a truly enriching and empowering experience. Your leadership style, dedication, and your commitment to excellence have been an inspiration to me and to all those who serve alongside us. It is rare to encounter a leader who brings such a great blend of vision, professionalism, nd humanity to the workplace, and for that, I am truly grateful – Thank you!

Warrant Officer 1 Henry Sanday

Lieutenant General Alexander Sollfrank, Commander JSEC carried out the ceremonial handover of official business from Warrant Officer 1 Sanday to Command Sergeant Major Steinberger (OR-4 Gina Seegert)

And it was exactly him, JSEC´s Commander, who carried out the ceremonial handover of official business. General Sollfrank thanked him for his exceptional commitment over the last year and expressed his best wishes for the future:

We have gathered here to say goodbye to my CSEL. It has always been excellent to have you by my side. You were perfect for the job, trustworthy and a first class advisor and comrade. Thank you for your dedication and service. And only the very best for the time to come.

LTG Alexander Sollfrank, COM JSEC

The nation of the CSEL may now change, from a Brit to a German - but the responsibility and remit remain the same. And the trust and the demands that the commander places on his new CSEL also remain unchanged:

“I warmly welcome you and your family to JSEC, Command Sergeant Major Torsten Steinberger. With your extensive experience, also already in NATO, you are exactly the right person for the tasks ahead of you. You have proven yourself and I am very much looking forward to working with you to achieve the best possible effects.”

The final words of the ceremony, however, belonged to Warrant Officer Sanday:

From the depths of my heart, thank you, JSEC, for an unforgettable year of service, growth, and camaraderie.
After a year as JSEC's first CSEL, Warrant Officer 1 Sanday looks back with gratitude and pride (OR-4 Gina Seegert)
Command Sergeant Major Torsten Steinberger is the new Command Senior Enlisted Leader of the Joint Support and Enabling Command. (OR-4 Gina Seegert)

Video by Joint Support and Enabling Command

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