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Nov 21 2023

exercise steadfast foxtrot 2023 puts jsec's ability to advise nato to a test

ULM, Germany – From 6 to 10 November, the Joint Support and Enabling Command (JSEC) conducted the Enablement exercise STEADFAST FOXTROT 2023 (STFX23) in the Wilhelmsburg Barracks in Ulm. The strategic and operational-level computer-assisted wargame which addressed current and emerging Enablement, Reinforcement by Forces and Sustainment training requirements based on realistic plans and data, was sponsored by the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) in Mons, Belgium and directed by the NATO Joint Warfare Center (JWC) in Stavanger, Norway. Over 180 exercise participants including representatives from SHAPE, the Joint Forces Commands (JFCs), the Joint Logistics Support Groups (JLSGs), troop contributing nations and the United States European Command (U.S. EUCOM) trained the Alliance’s ability to project and sustain combat power through the coordination of NATO Forces and national deployments on the European continent, against hybrid actions of an adversary, with a focus on Enablement, Reinforcement by Forces and Sustainment.

We are currently facing challenging times and are in the middle of setting conditions for successful deterrence and defence at NATO

“We are currently facing challenging times and are in the middle of setting conditions for successful deterrence and defence at NATO. This task is demanding but of highest value and relevance. Therefore I happily welcome our NATO community with over 20 nations joining us here at JSEC for Steadfast Foxtrot,” emphasized Commander JSEC, Lieutenant General Alexander Sollfrank, during his welcome speech addressing the training audience.

JSEC with its Reinforcement and Sustainment Network (RSN) and as the Supreme Allied Commander Europe’s (SACEUR) Enablement Advisor took over the key role on coordinating and synchronizing Enablement, Reinforcement by Forces and Sustainment into, across and from SACEUR’s Area of Responsibility (AOR). This area spans from North America’s East Coast over to the Baltic States in Europe’s Northeast, from Poland and Romania in Eastern Europe to Türkiye and Greece in the South.

Develop and Deconflict

STFX23 aimed to develop and deconflict the deployment and sustainment plans while testing emerging concepts like the RSN. “During the past week we were able to exercise and validate the increasing readiness of JSEC’s RSN and integrate arising requirements from NATO’s New Force Model and the Family of Plans,” explains a member of the exercise’s planning team.

This included the examination of opportunities for sharing and de-conflicting of reinforcement infrastructure, entailing shortfalls and requirements, but also personnel, materiel and functional capacities.

With NATO entering a new era of global security, the Alliance has further increased its readiness and vigilance. NATO continues to strengthen its deterrence and defence posture in light of the changed and evolving security environment. To continue improving the readiness of its forces, the New Force Model further enhances the successful NATO Readiness Initiative and its culture of readiness. This includes a transformed and robust training and exercises programme, which reflects the nature and complexity of the threats to the Alliance.

The exercise’s outcome and findings will have a valuable impact on JSEC’s Reinforcement and Sustainment Network Fall Conference (14 to 16 November) where identified requirements and their real implications will be thoroughly discussed among the conference’s participants.

JSEC’s compilation of provided information by Allies and partners generates an overview used by NATO commanders and Allied Nations. The assessment gives advice and recommendation on how to organize movement so that the right troops are at the right place at the right time, as well as on their sustainment. This contributes to credible deterrence and, if necessary, an effective and efficient defense of every inch of Allied territory.

Video by Joint Support and Enabling Command

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